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Eight Karats Eighteen Vitaskin Nutricosmetic Beauty Supplement [Bundle of 10] - NETTNETTCLUB

Eight Karats Eighteen Vitaskin Nutricosmetic Beauty Supplement - Bundle of 10

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New Eight Karats Eighteen Vitaskin Nutricosmetic Supplement V2

A multi functional supplement that boosts body immunity, speeds up pimples healing process and prevent further breakout, lighten scar marks, provides UV protection, whitening, delay aging, maintain youthfulness, moisturise skin and boost collagen production. A yummy and chewable berry minty flavour supplement you will definitely love! 

⬆️ Higher absorption as the rate of bioavailability is increased!
⬆️ More beauty benefits! 2x more effective!
⬆️ Vegan friendly!
⬆️ 2 soft-gels of Eighteen V1 = 1 soft-gel of Eighteen V2


Benefits of NEW Eighteen Vitaskin

✔ Skin lightening
✔ Lightens freckles and pigmentations
✔ Boosts skin moisture
✔ Evens out skin tone
✔ Boosts radiance
✔ Protects skin against UV rays
✔ Reduce acne and pimples
✔ Lightens acne marks and scars
✔ Boost collagen production
✔ Boost immunity
✔ Anti-glycation
✔ Helps to ease hangover
✔ Helps to alleviate autoimmune diseases
✔ Visible results in 2-4 weeks*


Is it safe to eat? 🚨

✅ Made in Korea.
✅ MFDS approved.
✅ COA cleared.
✅ Samsung Insurance coverage.
✅ 💯 Safe and results-proven!

    Special Promotion

    1 Box = $55
    3 Boxes - $140.25 (Save 15%)
    10 Boxes - $412.50 (Save 25%)

    1 box consists of 30 soft-gels 


    Intensive - Consume 2 soft-gels daily during the day ( 1 box can last 15 days)
    Maintenance - Consume 1 soft-gel daily during the day (1 box can last 30 days)
    Intensive whitening - Consume up to 4 soft-gels daily for speedy skin lightening effect.

    ** P.S - Results may varies according to individual **  

    We value your feedback

    Do a review by taking unedited and unfiltered photos of before (before start of the soft-gels) and after photo (at least 10 days after consuming 2 soft-gels daily).
    This is important as this will help you track and show the progress and improvement if there is any.

    We will give you a free box of any Eight Karats product of your choice for your next purchase when you submit your review 

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