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TORA Woma+

TORA Woma+

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TORA Woma+ Rejuvenation of the uterus, ovaries, and skin fairness

Benefits For skin

- Whitening
- Anti-Ageing
- UV protection

Benefits For Uterus & Ovary Care
- Increase ovulation
- Regulate hormones 
- Relieve PMS
- Regulate ovulation
- Detox vaginal waste (cleanse)
- Improve overall vaginal health
- Tighten and improve elasticity on vaginal
- Improve moisture level in vaginal
- Regulate productive system
- Helps with inflammation
- Delay menopause

Product contain 3g x 20 Sachet of TORA Woma+ Sachets

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How to consume?

Recommended Daily Dosage

Consume 2 sachets a day